Customized service Send us your detail requries,we can follow whay you need to offer best products for you .

We are Manufacture of non woven fabric packing factory from China. 
We can provide you any kinds of non-woven fabric ,PP material,PLA material,and paper shopping bags,packing bags ,etc
Our company can provide you best quality packing fabric and bags at a very appropriate price.
I attach our pamphlet for you to reference ,pls check it ,thanks
Feel free to connect with us for your own ideas about your products,we can create great method to attract your customers together
Also you can add my Skype/wechat/Whatsapp,my account is :13858700195,we can chat on line.

National High-Tech Enterprise
Have excellent scientific and technological talents and R&D team.

Professional Service And After-Sales
The business team has professional knowledge, high-quality professional quality and treats each customer with heart.

Can be customized
Provide customized services to meet your needs.

Production time
Around 10 days for non-woven fabric.
Around 20 days for ultrasonic box bag.
Around 30 days for sewing bag.